The Best Zero Waste Bubble & Squeak Bowl (Gluten Free, Vegan)

Prep: 15 minutesCook: 15 minutesTotal: 30 minutes
Yield: serves 2Category: Dinners
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This delicious Bubble and Squeak Bowl is my take on the classic dish and is simple to whip up yet packed with flavour.

Bubble and squeak has long been used as the perfect easy lunch or dinner to use up leftovers and I thought, as I love a zero waste recipe, it made sense to write my version up. My bubble and squeak comes in a deconstructed bowl format and has become a bit of a Monday lunch staple when we have had savoy cabbage on our Sunday dinner the day prior.

Although I have written out the method to include steps to prepare potatoes specifically for this recipe, if you have any leftover mash or roast potatoes that need using up I would strongly encourage you to use those instead! If you don’t have any leftovers but fancy making this, why not try leaving the skin of the potatoes on instead of peeling them in order to continue the ‘zero waste’ theme of this meal.

As mentioned above, this is my favourite way to use up savoy cabbage and this recipe was created specifically with cabbage in mind. However, if you want to deviate from the ingredient list below and omit it then please do! This is a really versatile recipe and one that you can just throw together using anything you have in – swap the leek for another type of onion, the cabbage for half a broccoli, throw a handful of kale into it, etc!

I use a vegan bacon in this recipe and find it adds a lovely flavour, however, you could omit this or use the real thing if you wanted. When making this you could add in a protein source, such as chicken or meat free equivalent, in order to bulk it up or even top it with a fried or poached egg if you eat them. Although this is great when eating as a quick lunch, you could also use it as a side dish and enjoy it as part of a larger evening meal.

This recipe does not require a lot of seasoning and the nutritional yeast, parsley and chives are all optional, although strongly encouraged.

If you like my Bubble & Squeak Bowl and would like to explore more recipes that can help reduce food waste why not try my Zero Waste Mung Bean Chilli which you can find here, my Smokey Potato & Kidney Bean Hash or my Vegetable Patch Pie here. Alternatively, you could use up any leftover mashed potatoes by making my Cheesy Mushroom Stuffed Potato Cakes or my Cheesy Leek Stuffed Potato Cakes.

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  • 3 medium to large white potatoes
  • 4 rashers vegan bacon
  • 1 leek
  • 1/2 savoy cabbage
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 handful chives
  • 1/2 handful parsley
  • 2 tbsp dairy free butter
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)
  • pinch sea salt
  • pinch black pepper
  • splash olive oil


  1. Roughly chop, (and peel if preferred), the potatoes into chunks and place in a saucepan. Cover with water and boil until they can be easily pierced with a fork
  2. While the potatoes are boiling add the olive oil and one tablespoon of butter to a large frying pan
  3. Chop the leek into coins and add to the pan along with the minced garlic and a generous pinch of salt. Cook over a low heat
  4. Finely slice the cabbage and add to the pan. Allow the vegetables to cook, stirring often
  5. Chop the bacon into small pieces and, once the vetegables have softened, add to the pan. Stir often
  6. Use a fork or potato masher to crush the drained potatoes so they begin to break apart into soft chunks
  7. Add the potatoes to the frying pan along with the nutritional yeast, remaining butter and more salt and pepper
  8. Stir everything together and allow to cook for a few minutes over a low heat until the ingredients all come together and the outside of the potatoes start to turn golden
  9. Serve topped with the freshly chopped parsley and chives


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