The Best Healthy ‘Snickers’ Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan)

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These healthy snickers bars are absolutely amazing if I say so myself! They consist of a soft chewy base, a salty peanut butter layer and a sticky gooey, caramel layer all wrapped up in a coating of chocolate with a few peanuts thrown in for good measure! What more could you want?

I absolutely loved Snickers and, although they are gluten free they obviously are not vegan because of the chocolate so I wanted to make my own version so I could enjoy them again. Me being me, I thought I would try putting a healthier spin on them by using more nutrient dense ingredients and these little delights are the result!

These had been on my ‘to make list’ for quite some time but I actually made them on a complete whim when I was working on my caramel recipe. I was making that many batches of the stuff and didn’t want to waste any so I had the idea of throwing it into these bars and, from the very first bite, I was addicted!

For this recipe, you will need to make the caramel layer in advance. The time needed for the caramel layer to set is not included in the time noted for this recipe.

I have split the ingredients into sections with each one detailing what is needed for each layer. As there are four I thought this was the best way to write this recipe up to avoid any confusion. The method section is also technically split into two sections with the first six steps explaining how to make the caramel. If you find it easier you could always just head right over to my Healthy Two Ingredient Caramel Recipe and treat these as two separate recipes. It may actually be worth reading through the full recipe regardless for more detail on how to make the caramel. You may actually prefer to use my Healthy Date Caramel recipe in this which is quicker and easier.

I used individual silicone brownie trays to make this recipe, however, you could use a small lined brownie tray (no larger than 8″ x 8″) if needed. If you make individual bars you can dip them in the melted chocolate and use a spoon and a fork to move them around so they are completely coated. If you are making one large tray you can simply pour the melted chocolate over the top of the caramel layer and use a knife to ensure the top is smooth. Whichever method you use, you will need to work fast and get the healthy snickers bars back in the freezer as soon as possible as the warm chocolate will start to melt the caramel layer. This is the reason they need to have around thirty minutes in the freezer prior to this step.

These will be good stored in your refrigerator for up up to five days, or longer in your freezer, however I guarantee they will not last that long.

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For the base

  • 150g 1 + 1/2 cups + 2 tbsp gluten free oats
  • 4 tbsp peanut butter
  • 4 tbsp maple syrup

For the peanut layer

  • 3 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 handful peanuts (shelled)

For the caramel layer

  • 70g 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 80g 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp full fat coconut milk (creamy part)

For the chocolate coating

  • 200g 1 cup + 2 tbsp dairy free chocolate


  1. First you will need to make the caramel. If you are choosing to omit this layer for ease skip ahead to step 7. Pour the coconut sugar into the centre of a large saucepan. Spread the sugar out a little bit but make sure no granules stick to the sides of the pan
  2. Place the saucepan over a low heat and allow the sugar to cook for thirty seconds
  3. Gently pour the coconut milk into the pan, trying to cover as much of the sugar as possible rather than just pouring into one area
  4. Allow thirty seconds and then give the pan a little swirl to start combining the ingredients. Although you will be tempted to stir make sure you don't
  5. Allow the contents to simmer over a low heat for five minutes, swirling the pan ocassionally until the melted sugar and coconut milk have combined. The caramel will start to bubble and you still should not stir it
  6. After five minutes has passed, remove from the heat and immediately strain the caramel and pour into a jar or bowl. Place in the freezer to set for a minimum of one hour
  7. Combine the oats, maple syrup and peanut butter (4 tbsp) in a large mixing bowl until they are well combined and a sticky dough has formed
  8. Press the mixture into a lined tray, packing it down firmly using your hands and ensuring it is smooth on top
  9. Dollop the remaining peanut butter (3 tbsp) over the base and use the back of a spoon to spread it out evenly across the top
  10. Generously scatter one handful of peanuts across the top of the peanut butter, ensuring they are evenly distributed throughout
  11. Once set, pour the caramel layer over the top of the tray and use a butterknife to spread it evenly. Place the bars in the freezer for thirty minutes to set
  12. Melt the dairy free chocolate using a Bain- Marie. If you are using individual bars place each one in the bowl and use a spoon and a fork to turn them over until they are completely coated in chocolate before returning to the freezer. If you are using a brownie tray, simply pour the melted chocolate over the caramel layer, ensuring it is spread evenly across the top, before placing back in the freezer for thirty minutes. You will need to add the chocolate layer and get the bars back in the freezer quickly or risk the caramel melting due to the warm chocolate.


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