Spooky Snack Ideas For Halloween (All Gluten Free & Vegan)

If you are looking for spooky snack ideas perfect for Halloween celebrations then you are in the right place! I love all things horror and any excuse to get a little bit creative so Halloween is the perfect time of the year for me to have a little bit of fun with the recipes I work on.

With Halloween being aimed predominantly at children, I try to keep that in mind when creating my Halloween recipes. None of my fun snack ideas are frightening enough to give your kids nightmares and, once the cutting and chocolate melting has been done by the adults, the children can get heavily involved in the decorating making these perfect for those October days when the weather is bad.

Free from Halloween treats can be difficult to track down so I thought it might be helpful if I round up some of my favourite fun and spooky snack ideas from over the years so they are all in one place! Let me know if you try any of these for yourself!

Oreo’ Spiders

These sweet and salty spidery snacks are a favourite of mine and I seem to make them every year! They are fun to make, really easy to assemble and require just four ingredients. Most large supermarkets will stock a free from version of an Oreo, mini pretzels, dairy free chocolate and edible eyes. Simply melt the chocolate and use it as the ‘glue’ when you are assembling your spiders – watch this video I posted to social media to see how easy they are to make!

Jalapeno Mummy Poppers

These tasty savoury snacks are my gluten free and vegan take on the classic popper and they work perfectly as part of a picky buffet style dinner or warm charcuterie. This recipe is essentially just my Dairy Free Jalapeno Poppers with a spooky addition. These poppers already look mummified due to the strips of puff pastry and, by simply adding the edible eyes, they are transformed into a fun snack perfect for Halloween. You may actually prefer to use pieces of black olives or something similar in place of the edible eyes so as not to confuse your tastebuds as most shop-bought edible eyes are sweet.

Bat Brownies

These cute bat brownies are a really easy and fun way to decorate your Halloween bakes! These work best with brownies because of the dark colour and I always use my Gooey Chocolate Brownie recipe to make them. Simply wait for the brownies to cool, slice into squares and top with melted dairy free chocolate. While the chocolate is still wet, add your edible eyes, (the chocolate will act like glue), and press one quarter of a free from Oreo style biscuit into the bake to act as wings. You will probably want to pull the ‘Oreo’ apart and scrape off the cream so the wings are not too heavy.

Cheesy ‘Ghost’ Pizza

This is an easy way to turn any homemade pizza into a spooky meal. I call these pizzas but, if you look closely, you will see the image is actually of a gluten free wrap – my point is that this idea will work on a multitude of bases whether it be pizza, puff pastry, toast, etc. All you need to do is use a sharp knife to carve out ghost shapes of varying sizes in dairy free cheese slices and add them to your pizza. I added little pieces of black pepper as eyes after they were baked but you could use pieces of black olives if preferred. Making these are the only time I am grateful that vegan cheese does not really melt, as the ghosts will still be mostly intact once they have baked.

Chocolate Skulls

This is a great Halloween hack as the skulls are so easy to make! All you need is a good skull mould you can freeze – I actually use an old silicone skull ice cube tray that I have and it works a treat. All you need to do is melt your dairy free chocolate and fill each skull about 2/3 of the way. Then you can add your flavours! I usually go for hazelnut and raisin as one combination and then orange zest and crystallised ginger as my other but you can really get creative here. Just push your additions down gently into the chocolate before adding a little more to the top to cover it. Have a look at this old Instagram post of mine which goes into more detail on the method.

No Bake Cookie Dough Bats

These cute little no bake bites are easy and fun to make. To make them I used my Tahini Cookie Dough Bites but you could use any of my no bake bite or bomb style recipes such as my Cappuccino Cookie Dough Bites, my Chocolate Tahini Protein Bites or my Chocolate Fudge Bites which you can find here. Just roll the balls in melted dairy free chocolate and add two edible eyes and two little dark chocolate chips directly above them, using the wet chocolate as glue. Separate the free from Oreo style biscuits, scrape out the cream and snap in half – now push half into each side of the bat bomb to act as wings. Watch this video posted on my Instagram account to see how I do it!

Mummified Lemon Bars

These mummified lemon bars are another really quick and easy Halloween twist taken on an existing recipe. I usually use my White Chocolate & Lemon Oat Bars for this recipe, however, my White Chocolate, Lemon & Raspberry Bars would work just as well! You simply need to drizzle the melted dairy free white chocolate in a way that resembles the bandages and use the wet chocolate as glue to stick on the edible eyes.

Spine Chilling Cereal Buns

The classic cereal bun with a spooky twist! It seems to be a childhood rite of passage to make these so what better to make with children in the run up to Halloween? You could use any cereal you like when creating these or even try turning my Chocolate Quinoa Cups into a showstopping Halloween treat. Once the cereal buns have set just splat on some white melted dairy free chocolate, the messier the better, and stick on the eyes. The heat from the white chocolate will melt a little of the chocolate in the buns and create a wispy effect that means no two of your buns will have the same face.

Monster Mash Brownies

My monster mash brownies are probably the most versatile on this list as eyeballs, sprinkles and swirls can just be stuck anywhere. You could use any bake for this but I like to use brownies and tend to lean toward my Gooey Chocolate Brownie or my orange version which you can find here. Once the bake iscool add your icing – think Halloween colours like black, orange and green – followed by pieces of broken biscuit, sprinkles, chocolate buttons and the odd edible eye or Halloween themed sweet before slicing and enjoying!

Mummified Matcha Cookies

These mummified matcha cookies make a great Halloween recipe idea because they only need a couple of simple tweaks to turn them into a spooky snack! Due to the matcha in these cookies, they are already green meaning that you just have to add some melted white chocolate criss crossed over the top to look like messy bandages and stick on some edible eyes in order to make a tasty yet spooky snack perfect for Halloween. I have two matcha and white chocolate recipes up on my website for you to choose between – for a healthier version try these using my Healthy Matcha White Chocolate Oat Cookies or try my original One Bowl Matcha White Chocolate Cookies for a cookie more vibrant in colour.

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