About Me

Hey! I’m Natasha, a ‘free from’ food blogger and recipe developer based in the UK.

I absolutely love food and don’t think that having dietary requirements means we should miss out on being able to eat delicious meals and desserts! All of my recipes are gluten free as well as vegan friendly, I’d say they were all plant based but there are definitely a handful of bakes full of chocolate and sugar that wouldn’t qualify – it’s all about balance, right?

 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in my early twenties and, after spending the first part of my adult life surviving on takeaways and cheap alcohol, I had no choice but to adopt a gluten free diet.

Despite having no knowledge on nutrition, I suddenly found myself with this long list of food I was unable to eat and had to educate myself on what gluten was and how to avoid it. I started getting to grips with the kitchen and experimenting with gluten free recipes, soon realising that not only did I enjoy cooking but I was actually pretty good at it!

Since then my diet has changed dramatically and I spend my time creating delicious gluten free and vegan recipes to make cooking and baking at home as simple as possible for you.

I’m a firm believer that what we eat impacts both our mental and physical health and, for this reason, choose to nourish my body with wholesome food. I try to promote a healthy, nutrient dense diet featuring as many plants as possible with the odd slice of cake for the soul.

Regardless of your dietary requirements there is something for everyone here as each recipe can be adapted to suit your needs. Hopefully you will enjoy exploring the rest of my website, feel free to leave a comment if you make any of my recipes or just fancy saying hi!